Baby's bath time

Bath time is an essential moment for your child: it contributes to the daily hygiene of his body and participates in his development at the same time.
It is also an occasion to share a unique moment of togetherness and complicity.

Preparing for bath time:
• Warm up the room temperature to between 20 and 22°C, to make sure that your child is not cold when he gets out of the bath!
• Fill up the bath with water at a temperature of 37°C, measuring the temperature with a thermometer.
• Never leave your child alone in the bath, whatever his age, even for a few seconds in a small quantity of water.
• Pay attention to the classic soaps which tend to be too harsh: they modify the skin's pH balance and alter the skin's hydrolypidic film, preferably use products without soap, because they neutralize the drying effect of limescale in the bath water.
• Hair should be washed with products which are kind to the eyes and specifically formulated for children.
• Lift your child out of the bath and immediately wrap him in a towel / bathrobe. Dry him very gently, without rubbing. be careful to dry the delicate areas thoroughly: his bottom, thighs, armpits, neck, feet.